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Alaska® Airplane Travel Foot Extender Hammock for Kids: Ultra-Comfort Insulated Cooling & Warming Design for Your Kids. Toddler Airplane Seat Extender, Portable. Size- 31.1 x 17.25 Inches.

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Price: ₹1,999 - ₹1,345.00
(as of Jun 19, 2024 13:53:35 UTC – Details)

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Elevate your child’s in-flight experience with our Alaska 3-Layer Airplane Travel Foot Extender Hammock. Crafted with your little one’s comfort and safety in mind, this versatile accessory transforms an airplane seat into a cozy travel bed.

Featuring a 3-layer construction, the extender is designed to keep your child cool, warm, and secure throughout the journey. The top layer is a skin-friendly 600D Oxford fabric, the middle layer is a 400 GSM insulation fabric, and the bottom layer is a silicone-dotted, anti-skid material. Fitted with high-quality PP straps and ABS fittings, the extender offers a stable and secure fit on most airline seats.

Installing the extender is a breeze – simply attach the extension belts on both sides to the back seat and the front seat tray using the buckle, and adjust to the perfect position. The ergonomic design keeps your child centered, reducing the risk of falls, and can be unfolded to serve as a portable changing pad for diaper changes.

Whether you’re flying with a toddler or a young child, our Alaska 3-Layer Airplane Travel Foot Extender Hammock is an essential travel companion. It provides a comfortable, insulated, and stable surface for your little one to stretch out and rest, ensuring a more enjoyable and stress-free journey for the whole family.

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