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Explore the Scenic Beauty of Coorg, Karnataka

In the magnificent region that is the Western Ghats in Karnataka, cocooned is the beauty of Coorg hill station with its splendor of nature and pleasing local culture. Coorg is remembered, first of all, for its coffee plantations rich in aromatic spices and waterfalls that impress with their beauty; the place suits nature enthusiasts, lovers of a good squall, and the absence of the city crowd.


How to Reach Coorg:

By Air

Just 135 Km away is the nearest airport, Mangalore International Airport. If you are coming from Coorg, the best way is to book a cab or take a bus after landing at the airport.

By Train

The closest railway junction is Mysore Junction (95 km). Motor vehicles such as taxis and buses leave regularly from Mysore to Coorg.

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By Road

Road transport is very well developed and Coorg is connected by the roads to all major cities in south India. The government and non-government buses connected with popular cities such as Bangalore, Mysore, Mangalore, and Chennai. Alternatively, you can use a car/bike and drive down the newly laid highways.

About Coorg:


The Coorg plateau is all around green with coffee estates and spice plantations, the valleys and mountains from the Western Ghats mountains encompass this region as well. It has hiking trails that run from forests and across hills for physics challenges that many adventure lovers look out for. Its unique charm in this small hill station is evident through the deep coffee flavor and bouquet that fills the air, along with white river rafts flowing under picturesque settings, local Kodav(Mangariri) culture, and delightful Coorgi cuisine.

Must-Visit Places in Coorg:

Abbey Falls


Among the most famous places, Coorg is known for Abbey Falls, a mesmerizing waterfall near the spice and coffee plantations. The highest point over the waterfall is provided by a hanging bridge.

Raja’s Seat


Blessed with a peaceful view, surrounded by hills from all the corners, Raja’s Seat an elegant garden overlooking the valley was one of King’s favorite spots where he spent his evenings in the company of his queen watching their world become one shade darker as the sun set off.

Madikeri Fort

On or and were built the 17th century up to Tipu Sultan it became, of all a from prison an old church a museum as well a district Commissioner office

Nagarhole National Park

Become a wildlife expert during an exhilarating jungle safari and view elephants, gaurs tigers, and leopards in their natural habitat in this verdant forest reserve.

Dubare Elephant Camp


This camp stands just at the banks of the Cauvery river side, and you can see elephants here almost in their natural bliss doing water all over them; even otherwise just a short ride of their mighty bodies under your control is to experience.

Iruppu Falls

This majestic waterfall is situated at the base of a natural rock face that looms above it from an attitude of 170 ft, far above the Lakshmana Tirtha River with its crystal clear waters which dance down in small cascades to form this magnificent attraction ensconced in dense forests.

Beyond Sightseeing in Coorg:

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  • Go for a trek to the top of Tadiandamol, which is the highest mountain in Coorg.
  • Go to plantations where coffee beans grow and are turned into roasted coffee factories like Chelavara.
  • Additional cost-effective measures include shopping for spice, coffee beans, and local handicrafts in Madikeri.
  • Enjoy some of the classic Kodava food, which includes pandi curry, addakkke roti, and kadumbuttu.
  • Bold Connection To a Buddhist monastery one can visit the Tibetan settlements near Kushalnagar.
  • To be immersed in the festivities that go with Kailpodhu – September.

Nearby Destinations from Coorg:

  • Chikmagalur (140 km from Coorg) – Another hill station famous for coffee plantations and scenic trails.
  • Mandalpatti (28 km from Coorg) – Offers breathtaking views of the valley and mountains. 
  • Talacauvery (48 km) – The birthplace of river Cauvery, considered sacred.
  • Golden Temple at Bylakuppe (40 km) – An important Buddhist monastery and temple complex.
  • Dubare Elephant Camp (25 km) – Located near Kushalnagar on the banks of Cauvery, where you can observe and interact with trained elephants.
  • Harangi Dam (35 km) – A scenic reservoir surrounded by forests.
  • Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary (30 km) – Spot endemic birds and animals on a safari through this sanctuary.
  • Mallalli Falls (25 km) – Magnificent waterfalls are set amidst dense forests.

Must Try Experiences in Coorg:

  • Stay in a Homestay: Opting for homestays over hotels lets you experience the warm hospitality of locals. You can wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed Coorgi coffee and delicious homemade food.
  • Jeep Safari Tours: Embark on an off-road jeep safari into the forests and coffee estates. This is the best way to soak in the raw natural beauty of Coorg.
  • Angling and Fishing: The rivers of Coorg like Cauvery and Lakshmana Tirtha are great for angling. Barramundi and mahseer are popular catches. 
  • Ayurvedic Spa Treatment: Rejuvenate yourself with traditional massages and spa sessions using ayurvedic oils and herbs. A great way to relax on your trip.
  • River Rafting: Paddle through the rapids of the Barapole River amid stunning scenery for an adrenaline rush. November to May are the best months.

Travel Planning for Coorg:

  • Best Time to Visit: The best times are October to March months when it is in good condition. However, you are to avoid the monsoon season between July and August.
  • Getting Around: If you want to explore Coorg in a more suitable way then, hire a taxi or rent a car/bike for easy movement and traveling. Buses are also composed as an affordable choice from local ones.
  • Where to Stay: Coorg is also known well for the variety of guest houses, hotels, resorts and homestays whose budgets differ dramatically.
  • Food: Eat local refugees that include pandi curry, akki roti, koli curry and pandhi barthadh. Besides the cultures mentioned above, you can also find restaurants specializing in Indian, Chinese cuisines.

Accommodation in Coorg:

  • Luxury Resorts: Natural settings, infinity pools, and spas that offer activity.
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  • Budget Hotels: Items that are neither too plain nor too sophisticated but offer comfort in towns.
  • Homestays: The finest option to visit local hospitality.
  • Camping: Host yourself in coffee estates.

Pro Traveler Tips for Coorg:

  • Bring along some light woolens even in the summer as you never know how the weather may turn, especially after nightfall.
  • Leave at least 4 days, to have a leisurely look at Coorg. Do not rush from object to object.
  • Look for original coffee, spices, and honey made by the locals in Madikeri Main Bazar.
  • Gem trekking, guided nature walks, and bicycle tours are used to visit villages and plantations.
  • Pre-arrange activities associated with books like safaris, treks and even rafting during peak seasons.


With its mesmerizing natural charm, rich cultural heritage, and adventurous experiences, Coorg offers the perfect blend for an unforgettable holiday. Follow our Coorg travel guide to plan your trip seamlessly. Let the aroma of coffee, misty hills, gushing waterfalls, and unique Kodava culture make your trip to Coorg truly memorable and rejuvenating. Follow Xplro for more and thanks for visiting

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