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North Goa, a tropical paradise, welcomes travelers from around the globe. Getting to this enchanting destination is convenient, with multiple transportation options catering to various preferences.

Dabolim Airport:
Dabolim Airport serves as the primary gateway to North Goa. Located in the southern part of the state, this international airport ensures smooth air travel access to the region. Upon arrival, travelers can easily find taxi services at the airport, offering a comfortable and direct transfer to their chosen destination in North Goa.

Bus Services:
For those who prefer a scenic road journey, North Goa is well-connected by a network of bus services. The bus routes link the region with major cities, providing travelers with an opportunity to enjoy the picturesque landscapes of Goa during their journey.

Thivim Railway Station:
If you opt for a train journey, Thivim Railway Station is the nearest railhead to North Goa. Situated in the Bardez taluka, it offers a convenient option for those traveling by train. From Thivim, taxis and local transportation are readily available for the onward journey.

Key Notes:


    • Dabolim Airport: The primary international airport in Goa, ensuring convenient air travel access to North Goa.

    • Taxi Services: Easily accessible at Dabolim Airport for seamless transfers to various destinations within North Goa.

    • Bus Connectivity: Scenic road trips facilitated by a robust network of bus services connecting North Goa to major cities.

    • Thivim Railway Station: The nearest railway station, providing a convenient rail option for travelers heading to North Goa.

    • These keynotes provide a quick reference for travelers, summarizing the transportation options available for their journey to North Goa.

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